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I'm not sure if it's adjusting to the new meds, frustration with things that are being a pain in the ass, or PMS, but I'm about two seconds from giving up on Arashi Fandom as a whole.

The new single has been announced. We....should not be surprised by this. In anyway. Nino has a drama, there will be a single. Um... Duh?

This makes single #6 for the year, and probably the last. They had 4 last year.

Artists like Koda Kumi and Ayumi Hamasaki FREQUENTLY release more than that in a year, plenty of artists do. Singles, while they look like they take a ton of work, don't reallly take much work for an artist if they're not the ones writing the music/lyrics.

In a recent interview, Nino mentioned about recording for the album during filming Ohoku. He'd have to record a song every day he was back. He ALSO had to record VSA, HNA and Shiyagare, plus promos and other things. And interviews. He had two days a week back.

It takes LESS than a day to record a song. You can record SEVERAL songs in a day, actually.

Jacket shootings, PVs? All done on the same sets as of late and again - take a day.

In perspective, this single should take them approximately um... well, 4 days to make. On the long end. Not even super long days. 10 hours, 12 tops. MAYBE 14-15 for the PV day.

Even then, during PV shootings, what do they do for the majority of them? Sit Around And BULLSHIT.

Yes, they work a lot. They also get PAID to do so. None of them are emaciated, sickly. Ohno had a cold and had to work through it. Big deal, do you know how many colds/flus/DEATHLY ILLNESSES us normal folks have to work through on a daily basis?

I love them. I want them happy and healthy. It KILLED me inside to see Nino on a cane, but he's still doing it right? If it was that bad, he'd be gone. It is not impossible to quit JE, plenty of people have done it.

These boys LOVE their jobs and that much is obvious. They're not being forced into anything they do.

For all you crusaders for justice, go worry about those normal schmucks who work 60+ hours a week and get paid peanuts for it.

ETA: I'm leaving this open because I want people to see it. Spread it, love it, pimp it I don't fucking care.
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