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As some of you know, I recently started working for HSN. I'd heard of Deborah Lippmann in my recent polish fetishes but I'd yet to actually ~experience~ her stuff. I've been poking around our site and came across this the other day but passed it by because really, Happy Birthday wasn't my favorite of her glitters and I really wanted Ruby Red Slippers.

Today we had a Town Hall Meeting at the actual HSN campus and afterward on my way home I stopped at the Outlet store (dangerous that it's on the way home). Lucky for me, they'd just started a 75% off beauty items sale now through Sunday! Add on top of that my employee discount, and I got the above set for $8.66!!!!! I'm still kind of in shock because that's less than half the price of the Happy Birthday ALONE!

SO! I tested it out and took some pictures from my color wheel. I just did a mani last night I don't want to redo yet, so I didn't want to try it on my own nails yet.

And it comes in an adorable travel case!

So many pockets *___*!

Colors it comes with, left to right: Waking up in Vegas, Happy Birthday, Ridge Filler Base Coat, Addicted to Speed Top Coat, Naked

I tried the base coat out first. I'm not usually one who uses them, just because I'm lazy. But this stuff...OH MY GOD. It levels out SO NICE. I can't wait to try it on my actual nails!

Waking up in Vegas over the base coat. I'm not big on greys usually, but I absolutely ADORE this color. Very fall-y. *__*

Happy Birthday with the Addicted to Speed Top Coat. It took 2 coats to make it fairly smooth. One more and I think it would be like glass. SO AWESOME.

Finally, Naked, which is a REALLY pretty nude. It covers great and is highly workable. I'm super impressed with these polishes and they are DEFINITELY worth the retail on them.

In the end, I'm so happy I found this and got such a great deal on AMAZING polish!
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