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OMFG, I'd forgotten what it was like to use a vacuum cleaner that worked. I'm done forever with those damned bagless vacuums. They're more of a problem then they are good and they're dirtier too. *makes a face*

I randomly checked our AT&T bill today online because it's our first full month of usage and I'm highly pissed off that the sales associate at the store didn't tell us it would be a $30 data plan for BOTH phones. PLUS the unlimited text $30 a month. We were expecting $130 a month plus taxes, but it's now $160 a month plus taxes. *sigh* It's not as outrageous as it could have been, at least.

Ficcing is still coming slowly. I had an entire outline done for my jehols then decided to scrap it because I just didn't like it anymore. :/ Need to work on this!
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I'm a little late with this, so I'm going to back date it, despite the fact that it is STILL my Wednesday.

Grocery shopping/new vacuum shopping happened today. There is a lot of mac & cheese and hot dogs. >.> Oh and ground beef in a tube. Though I refuse to go down to ground crud o' fat. Still going with the lean.

Went back to a bagged vacuum because the track record so far with bagless is 0/3. Hopefully this will be better with the pet hair and not get horribly cogged up and icky!


I extended the deadline over at [ profile] a_ra_shi's layout contest until the 19th, so if you're still interested there head over and check it out!

That's all other than....

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First off:

HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY, ARASHI! I knoe I said I'd make it to the 10th Anniversary cons but um...I got married instead. XD;;

With that out of the way, I'M GOING ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY stir crazy right now. While I actually do like staying at home and not really am one to go out and do things a whole lot (not like there's much to DO here, anyway), I do like getting out of the house to just do little things. Even if it's just walking around a store or something.

The lack of a car and only having a scooter has severely limited this if B isn't home. And when he IS home, he doesn't really want to go out and do anything.

Except on the one night a week he goes to Tampa to play D&D. Except now they're playing something at some fucking game shop and I can't help but be highly jealous that he's going out and DOING something while I'm stuck at home trying to fix the fucking vacuum cleaner. -___-.

And when I asked him to be home at 10 so we could possible go out to dinner somewhere other than DENNY'S? He got pissy.

UGH. I just want to GO somewhere. I want to go on a damned real vacation. Even if it's just a weekend over to Disney.

*is highly stir crazy today*

The good news is I have an outline/time line of sorts done for JEhols? Bad news is I'm not sure if I like the premise anymore....
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And now comes day two of NaBloPoMo. :)

Yesterday, I started the adventure of updating my Compaq Presario laptop to Windows 7 64bit. I'd never truly understood what a 64 bit operating system was until I did a bit of research when I was first deciding to take the jump from the Windows 7 Release Candidate to the full version. Lo and behold, my laptop (and processor) were actually designed to run on a 64 bit OS.

The instillation process was a breeze (especially since I didn't accidentally boot from the CD on the restart and fuck everything up like last time)and it's now running FANTASTICALLY. Everything, like it should. And fast.

Oh and I'm not burning the shit out of my leg from the fan/processor anymore. This is an amazing thing!

a gift for those who expressed love for it yesterday )

It's only the 2nd here, but it's the 3rd in Japan which means that 10 years ago, Arashi made their CD Single Debut with "a-ra-shi". *preens*


And now I realize that I no longer have Microsoft Office on here (clean install) and I need to go procure Open Office....

*toddles off to do so*
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Well, this is it. The first day of blogging. These will be public posts, and posted also at the Nano site.

Last night was the Halloween party at my cousin Kim's house, and I had jager for the first time, though in the form of a Jager Bomb, which makes it taste less like ass. XD Hubby and I went as a white trash newlywed couple and I had a fantastic black eye.

here, have a look! )

Today was the Star Wars in Concert event which was so amazing. Not only was it Star Wars music (loooove), it was the London Philharmonic and Anthony Daniels! So yes, definitely worth it. Hubby and I had a lot of fun.

piiicture )

That's all for day 1. About to install Windows 7 64 bit on Miya.
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I recently got sick of the default ringtones on my iPhone and set about making ringtones for it. While the process is fairly simple, it is a little time consuming and hey, it's easier just to download them, right?

For those of you on my flist who have iPhones (I know there's at LEAST one of you!), I bring you RINGTONE UPLOADS!


Girl's Generation - Genie
Super Junior - SORRY, SORRY
Super Junior M - SUPER GIRL (Beginning sound effect only)
G-Dragon - Heartbreaker
2NE1 - Fire

Morning Musume - Love Machine

Step & Go (rap)
Rock You

Nakatsu's ORE WA HOMO JA NAI! (meant to be my text alert, but I'd have to jailbreak first)

I'm leaving this entry public because I'm linking from [ profile] iza_now.

I'm also opening this up to requests. If you have an iPhone ONLY I am taking requests for any ringtones! Comment here with the song and what portion you want made into a ringtone. Keep in mind that it must be less than 40 seconds. Also, you can only use these for ringtones or alarms, mail & text requires your phone to be jailbroken. If I do not have the song you want made (any song, really, I don't mind), I will let you know and I will need you to upload it for me. Thanks!

Quick Tutorial on Use:

Simply add the ringtone to your iTunes, select "Sync Ringtones" with your iPhone connected and either choose all or select the ones you want synced, then sync your phone! Tada, done!
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The RE will happen when my scanner stops being a whore.

600dpi, 1500px on the longest edge, cleaned and adjusted within photoshop (these are not straight from the glass scans, they took work)

Click to go to the gallery. Don't click if you don't want to be spoiled.

MU .rar File


Comments are quite appreciated, but not necessary, as is credit if used.
Don't repost without credit as your own/crop out my watermark. STEALING IS BAD, MMKAY?

NOTE: Don't just add me, please. I'm posting this on my journal because I don't want to deal with fighting with my site at the moment. Just because you add me doesn't mean I'm adding you back, and adding me doesn't mean you'll get super seekrit things here that only my friends get. It's mostly my real life and I don't like everyone privy to that.
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I'm approximately 1/3 of the way to the word minimum for the je_fqfest, and I've yet to reach the porn. This is a good thing, I believe.



May. 30th, 2009 06:51 pm
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Since GameStop only gives CREDIT for trading in systems and I already BOUGHT the DSi (thank you B and your huge hands that can't use the damned thing), I've decided to go ahead and sell the Lite on ebay (especially because with research I've discovered I'll net more in the long run).

Click here if you're interested

It's gently used and was only bought in September of last year. It's stayed in my Hello Kitty case this whole time and would have been kept a lot longer had the DSi debacle not happened.

There is a reserve on it, but it's not bad. Plus there's also buy it now if you're interested. A little bit more than what it would cost at GameStop or something, but definitely in MUCH better quality and includes ALL original items that came with the system, including the second stylus *shock* XD.

If you purchase it and are on my flist, I'll refund the shipping charges. :)

SOLD! :)


May. 15th, 2009 05:01 am
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If you don't have [community profile] sonokotoba on your watch list and are a fan of the new Star Trek movie...go over there now.

24 new icons. *sob*
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I am excited now, because holy crap they all look DELICIOUS.

I'm actually loving how Ohno is starting to kind of look his age? Well, maybe 25, not almost 29.

And the flower is so pretty and sajfkdlsa I'm adoring this song a lot, but then again I have a weakness for Arashi ballads.
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I sincerely appologize to the three people who are subscribing to [community profile] thesewords right now. I'm in the process of archiving and I would suggest possibly not following the community until I give the all clear. Your reading pages will probably thank you.

I'm about half done at this point, but oh god my hands hurt so I'm going to pause for a bit.
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Since so far in the short time I've been here, I've fallen more and more enamoured (I won't call it love. Yet.) with dreamwidth, I decided to go a head and extend my one month paid to 6 months of premium paid. 200 icons is a tasty, tasty thing. Especially when filled with some of my own and then suplimented by the awesome of [community profile] minorsport. ILU TIINA. ;o;b

Now if I could just think of more fandom things to spew about. *taps chin*

50 new icons have been posted over at [community profile] sonokotoba. I also had to jump on the desktop today so I liberated some of my fic from there for posting over at [community profile] thesewords sometime tonight.

Hell, I may even write a bit of fic. ^___^b

[personal profile] ferinough's fic index is a thing of beauty, and I strive to be as organized as she is. *sob sob sob*

Goals for my Two Days Off:
Massive Icon Dump DONE! :)
☆ Archive fic at [community profile] thesewords
☆ Write fic - any fic.
☆ Figure out how [personal profile] fluttering does all of those nifty dingbats.

Let's see how this goes...
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That is all.
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my thread
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With the intention of making this simply for fic, but seeing as everyone seems to be jumping onto the bandwagon, I instead staked my claim in the communities market here with my graphics comm and a new fic comm.

[community profile] sonokotoba - graphics comm

[community profile] thesewords - fic/writing comm

(ha, get it?)

I'll slowly be archiving my fics over at [community profile] thesewords but all new fiction will be posted there and then linked to LJ.

This journal will most likely stay a fandom journal, and unlocked, while my LJ remains f-only and contains the RL posts.
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The Fandom Appreciation Meme: My Thread

Go for it.


Aug. 30th, 2008 10:45 pm
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So I've been thinking about doing a new layout from some awesome codes I found over at [ profile] xaddictionsx for about a week now, but I had been thinking about using truth or kaze no mukou e screencaps for it.

Instead, I used freestyle.

So welcome to my new layout. XD

[ profile] lady_gemma[ profile] lady_gemma[ profile] lady_gemma[ profile] lady_gemma

Comments? Suggestions? :3

EDIT; The font color has been changed now. Thanks!
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Sadly, my scanner has decided to not want to work on me so no scans of the booklets at the moment.

Single: MU | MF
Ripped at 320kbps, tags in kanji, file names romanized. Rar format.
*Replacement 'truth' file, since the one in the .rar skips 4 seconds in. <-- MU link of the single file.

truth PV: MU | MF
.avi, xvid codec, 95.7mb, deinterlaced
iPod format: MU | MF

風の向こうへ PV: MU | MF
.avi, xvid codec, 86.4mb, deinterlaced
iPod format: MU | MF

*Uploading. Will update as soon as they're finished. All links up now.
Update: MU & MF links for Kaze no Mukou e are available.
Update 2: MU & MF links for truth PV are now available.
Update 3: MU & MF links for kaze pv ipod format are now available.
Update 4: MU & MF links for truth pv ipod format are now available.

EDIT: From what some of you have told me, it seems truth gets a little hiccup in it a few seconds in on the .mp3. Honestly, I'm not sure what happened but after checking my copy in iTunes, I see what you mean. I'll re-rip the file and reup it to both MU and MF when I get home from work today.

EDIT 2: So after a bit of investigating, it looks like the reasoning for that little skip on truth was that in fact, my disc is scratched. -__-. I've reripped the song from the LE 1 but changed the tags so it will match up with the regular edition disc (I may be a bit OCD about tags...just a smidgen >.>). Only on MU, since it's just one small file anyway. Sorry it took a bit. There's that thing, do you know it? Yea, Life. -___-
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Unlocked post because I'm going to link back to it from the comms.

Truth PV in .mp4 iPod format (32mb), encoded with the highest video and sound settings my converter will allow, which accounts for its size. Well worth it though. *___*

Preview Caps:

Screencaps are from the converted pv, not the original.

MU Link | MF Link (will update with MU link as soon as it's done) MU Link up as well.


EDIT: Just transferred it over to my nano and it looks beautiful. *____*


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