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Alright, it's been a very long time since I've had a true public post. BUT, seeing as I've said fandom stuff will NOT be locked, only personal, here it goes!

In the past week I've gotten a chance to watch フリター、家を買う and the newest VS嵐 with the Freeter cast.

Spoilers behind the cuts!

フリター、家を買う Episode 01

Okay, so. We're subbing this right? I needed a copy to give to Brigit for translation so I went ahead and grabbed the Ninoholic version. BAD IDEA. Video quality wasn't TOO bad (at least it was from an HD stream), but the the old radio rip sound? Like, put that in a tunnel. But, I watched it. It's been fucking forever since I've had a Nino drama and I needed my fix!

First off, I don't understand the premise. Why is he buying his family a house when they LIVE in one? I can't tell if he means to buy it so HE can move out and be less of a burden or if he's buying something completely new for his family. IDGI.

Though, I completely do not blame Seiji for quitting the first job. Boss was a complete nutcase. BUT, well, that's fairly commonplace in Japan, isn't it?

Watching Seiji fall into Hikikomori status though, well..that hit home. I can completely understand his feelings of frustration with both being unable to find a proper job as well as dealing with mundane part-times. It's frustrating, it's depressing - and it's even worse when you have someone screaming at you constantly (dad, for the most part, is a complete ass hole and I LOVE the actor so it throws me off).

The mother well.... sucks to be her. Doing everything and trying to be nice to them both while they fight like the little bitches they've become? That's gotta suck big time. This is mostly a cultural thing, but if it had been me I would have smacked them both upside the head and told them to get the fuck over it and be grateful.

Again, that's just a cultural thing though. I can't imagine any Japanese housewife actually doing something like that (aside from Aiba's mother, seeing as she apparently tossed Yuusuke out a window one day because he was being a little smart-ass).

The drama itself, aside from Nino being delicious (and kind of looking like Colin, is fairly slow. I'm hoping the second episode picks up some. This one felt like it really had no actual resolution (which, j-dramas tend to have SOME sort of resolution at the end of every episode, only to have that all dashed in the next and built back up again). Also, I didn't like Nishino Kana's song being played with the 'opening'. It didn't seem right. I'm used to insert songs being just that: insert songs. They're usually sad and played towards the end when the saddest part is and the resolution is about to begin.

Hatenai Sora.... I'm on the fence about. I'm excited for the single itself as it has 2 b-sides (WOO), but the song is leaving me a little meh. I hope they put some umph into the PV, because I think it will need it.

All in all, this drama is starting out as a 3/5 for me. If it wasn't for Nino (and Maru, though he's only in all of .... 3 seconds of the first episode), I probably wouldn't even bother with the second episode. It's not drawing me in. Yet. I will watch it all because it's Nino, but this is DEFINITELY not up there with Stand UP!! (or even Ryusei no Kizuna which is a more appropriate comparison).

VS嵐 - Freeter Episode

So I haven't watched VS in a while. I don't really remember what the last episode I watched was, but I'm INSANELY glad I watched this one last night.


No, really.

It starts out with the other 4 joking about how Nino has a part-time job and that's why he's late. He shows up with the Freeter cast and it's all ridiculousness from then on out. Including Ohno getting a jibe in on Maru's tan (ONE TO TALK, ONE TO TALK). This will be important for later hilariousness, come to find out.

Okay, so I haven't watched it since the curling started, so I was a little..confused by this game at first. Until I started watching and then realized the game is really "Be a Bitch to the other team for a minute". It really, really is. They start out with teams of three, then the second round is a one on one.

And they made Matsumiya play each other. CUE FANGIRLISH SQUEALS OF DELIGHT. Oh, they were being so adorable and bitchy and playful and I LOVED IT. Jun was all squishy-face the entire time.

Lo and behold....Freeter Team beats the shit out of Arashi Team.

Falling Pipe starts and.... well, it's Nino/Mama against Aiba. Aiba attempts to make them pick his birthday...but his logic fails. He does end up catching, but it's not spectacular.

THEN, THEEEEEN. Then Arashi puts Ohno up as the chooser. DID YOU NOT LEARN YOUR LESSON AGAINST JUN? No, no they did not. Ohno has the WORST poker-face in the world. Especially when you put him up against his drinking-buddy with his boyfriend watching from the side. Maru's distraction with Ohno was to ask him out for drinks. Good strategy, Maru, good strategy. Maru picked the numbers right off the bat after turning Ohno's earlier jibe around by retelling Drunken!Satoshi quotes. In Drunken!Satoshi voice. I NEED THIS TRANSLATED RIGHT NOW, BTW. FANDOM, GET ON THAT SHIT.

Maru picks the numbers and Ohno was hilarious. And THEN Nino mentions he knows it's a bust because Ohno gave it away with his mouth. NO SHIT. Ahhhh hilariousness.

Of course, Maru makes a double-catch, leaving this behind:

and then this


And lo, Freeter still beats the shit out of Arashi.

Giant Crasher was.... pretty hilarious, but at this point it's obvious Arashi is letting the Freeter team win. Probably. Either that or they really were that ridiculously fail without Nino. The Giant was a little lackluster (I wanted it to have a mole, dammit!), but the play was funny.

Especially because Maru started in on Ohno AGAIN. More drunken stories that left Ohno all :O:O:O:O:O SHUT UPPPPP.

Arashi pulls a stupid, Freeter wins. Surprise, surprise.

When is Arashi ever going to learn to NOT put idiot comedians up for Pinball Runner? THEY SUCK. BIG TIME. THIS EPISODE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THAT.

Freeter, being smart, puts Nino up for pinball runner. Nino proceeds to PWN and get both Pinks, causing this reaction from Jun:

Oh Jun, close that before random cocks appear.

And still....Freeter beats the shit out of Arashi.

At this point, they're 300 points behind. Bound Hockey.... well, it doesn't go so well. They only manage like...110 points, so here comes MDA.

Where they make Nino get up there with them. The entire time, I thought they were simply going to make Nino fall.

Nope, they all took the blame and took Nino down with them, despite his protests. Good work, Aiba and Ohno, guilting him into it!

All in all, a fantastic episode and I'd LOVE to see it subbed to catch anything I missed (LIKE MARU'S DRUNKEN!SATOSHI STORIES.)
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