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Title is a product of me not being able to get T.A.B.O.O. out of my head.

My Party Lite party order came in and one of the things I got was a USB scent thing that I got with Cherry Blossom. It's plugged into my laptop and AWESOME. I also got this banana scented thing for my electric warmer that is super nice, too.

I hit up Sally Beauty today for at least ONE of the capitol colors. When I get my student card I'll pick up a few more at Cosmoprof at a better discount but I HAD to get District 12's. It's so freaking pretty omg. I also bought a soak off gel kit to try and while I'm impressed with the gel itself, I"m not impressed with the tips it came with. They're supposed to be 'wonder' tips and you don't have to blend them, but for me they just showed glue too much at the nail edge. So...yeah, I'd rather just blend my tips, kthx. Going to soak them off now since I only did one hand. Will see how that goes. XD

I enroll at school tomorrow and I'm super excited to start. I don't actually start school until 4/3 but... eeee, still. XD

Okay, enough of that. Meme time!

30 Day Arashi Meme

Day 4: Your favorite and least favorite pairings and why. This does not have to be limited to slash! I'm a big fan of Arashi/Arashi but there are a few pairings that stand out well for me: Arashi/Nino, Jun/Aiba, and Sho/Ohno. Everything else is just a bit forced for me, even Sho/Aiba sometimes. My least favorite has to be...Nino/Masami, because I hate her - she's a vapid and shallow actress and I just can't stand her. XD
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SO. Heyx3 performance. SO FUCKING AMAZING. WOO.

30-Day Arashi Meme List

Day 3: You are stranded on a deserted island with Arashi. Who gets eaten first and why?

Honestly? Sho, probably. Smarts are great, but Aiba would probably be able to figure out a way to get us home, Jun would be highly organized and make shelter for us, Nino would ... I don't know but I doubt he'd taste very good or supply much food and Ohno could fish. Which really, since Ohno could fish Sho wouldn't need to be eaten anyway!

In non-fandom news, I applied to Sunstate Academy today for their nail tech program! I enroll on Wednesday and begin the program on 4/3. :D I'm so very excited to start and I can't wait!
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Before I do the meme, I want to put out feelers of interest for a twitter rp. I've done one before and it was pretty fun and I would love to do another for Arashi. Message me here or IM me on aim at mecchadame if you're interested so we can work out the logistics. :)

On to the Meme! Btw, the lie from yesterday was that I was a Sho-fan first. Nope, completely and utterly Jun-baited.

The List! )

Day 2: Talk about a friend (or friends) you have made because of Arashi.
Oh, wow. Yeah. Let's see, where should I start? [personal profile] honooko, who I was actually afraid to friend at first and vice versa. Thanks to Jemzy for that (and Jemz!! :D), considering she was my maid of Honor! I have made a ton of friends online through Arashi that I've met in person: Erin, Elle, Kaille, Katie, Katy, Kacey, etc. I'm not a very social person to begin with, so it's great to have that common interest as a starting point. :)
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[personal profile] hontowa came up with a 30 day meme for Arashi. Finally one I can actually probably keep up with!

the list! )

Day 1: Tell the story of how you came to be a fan of Arashi. Include one lie in your story and see if people can guess which part is the lie.

Back in 2005 I started at USF and met Carolie in Japanese class. Carolie introduced me to more jpop and in that was w-inds. She mentioned off-hand Arashi and showed me a little bit of G no Arashi, which was airing at that point. Jun had just started HYD and she said she was watching it. She showed me Sakura Sake and while I was like "yeah this is okay" I couldn't get over the fact that Jun couldn't sing and Sho..couldn't either. Late March/Early April I was bored at home (don't remember exactly why but I think I'd gotten fired from a job) and so I started watching my first j-drama, HYD and quickly decided I wanted to know more about Jun and his band that sang the intro. I was totally a Sho fan at first, too! :Db


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