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Welcome to the DW of [personal profile] gimmick_game, aka Andii. I've been around in fandom for quite some time now and have been known to contribute quite a bit to it. I've made a lot of really good friends through various fandoms I've been in, most notably Arashi. That being said, this journal is friends only. In my time in fandom I've gone from a fairly carefree college student with unlimited time on her hands to now a new mother. As such, I don't really have the time for fandom I used to, at least to be able to contribute to it. My journal is mainly that - a journal. I use it to document my life, and sometimes that does include fandom blabbling.

In short, all of my fandom-related posts will be UNLOCKED while anything pertaining to my RL will be LOCKED. Feel free to subscribe to my journal if you'd like to follow the unlocked posts, but don't be offended when I don't grant you access. It's nothing personal, I just like to keep personal things locked. If you think we'd get along swimmingly and you don't mind most of my posts being related to my new daughter, then feel free to leave a comment and I'll consider granting you access. :)

There will be no graphics, scans, uploads, fic, etc on this journal so if that's what you're looking for you've come to the wrong place. Sorry.
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Title is a product of me not being able to get T.A.B.O.O. out of my head.

My Party Lite party order came in and one of the things I got was a USB scent thing that I got with Cherry Blossom. It's plugged into my laptop and AWESOME. I also got this banana scented thing for my electric warmer that is super nice, too.

I hit up Sally Beauty today for at least ONE of the capitol colors. When I get my student card I'll pick up a few more at Cosmoprof at a better discount but I HAD to get District 12's. It's so freaking pretty omg. I also bought a soak off gel kit to try and while I'm impressed with the gel itself, I"m not impressed with the tips it came with. They're supposed to be 'wonder' tips and you don't have to blend them, but for me they just showed glue too much at the nail edge. So...yeah, I'd rather just blend my tips, kthx. Going to soak them off now since I only did one hand. Will see how that goes. XD

I enroll at school tomorrow and I'm super excited to start. I don't actually start school until 4/3 but... eeee, still. XD

Okay, enough of that. Meme time!

30 Day Arashi Meme

Day 4: Your favorite and least favorite pairings and why. This does not have to be limited to slash! I'm a big fan of Arashi/Arashi but there are a few pairings that stand out well for me: Arashi/Nino, Jun/Aiba, and Sho/Ohno. Everything else is just a bit forced for me, even Sho/Aiba sometimes. My least favorite has to be...Nino/Masami, because I hate her - she's a vapid and shallow actress and I just can't stand her. XD
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SO. Heyx3 performance. SO FUCKING AMAZING. WOO.

30-Day Arashi Meme List

Day 3: You are stranded on a deserted island with Arashi. Who gets eaten first and why?

Honestly? Sho, probably. Smarts are great, but Aiba would probably be able to figure out a way to get us home, Jun would be highly organized and make shelter for us, Nino would ... I don't know but I doubt he'd taste very good or supply much food and Ohno could fish. Which really, since Ohno could fish Sho wouldn't need to be eaten anyway!

In non-fandom news, I applied to Sunstate Academy today for their nail tech program! I enroll on Wednesday and begin the program on 4/3. :D I'm so very excited to start and I can't wait!
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Before I do the meme, I want to put out feelers of interest for a twitter rp. I've done one before and it was pretty fun and I would love to do another for Arashi. Message me here or IM me on aim at mecchadame if you're interested so we can work out the logistics. :)

On to the Meme! Btw, the lie from yesterday was that I was a Sho-fan first. Nope, completely and utterly Jun-baited.

The List! )

Day 2: Talk about a friend (or friends) you have made because of Arashi.
Oh, wow. Yeah. Let's see, where should I start? [personal profile] honooko, who I was actually afraid to friend at first and vice versa. Thanks to Jemzy for that (and Jemz!! :D), considering she was my maid of Honor! I have made a ton of friends online through Arashi that I've met in person: Erin, Elle, Kaille, Katie, Katy, Kacey, etc. I'm not a very social person to begin with, so it's great to have that common interest as a starting point. :)
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[personal profile] hontowa came up with a 30 day meme for Arashi. Finally one I can actually probably keep up with!

the list! )

Day 1: Tell the story of how you came to be a fan of Arashi. Include one lie in your story and see if people can guess which part is the lie.

Back in 2005 I started at USF and met Carolie in Japanese class. Carolie introduced me to more jpop and in that was w-inds. She mentioned off-hand Arashi and showed me a little bit of G no Arashi, which was airing at that point. Jun had just started HYD and she said she was watching it. She showed me Sakura Sake and while I was like "yeah this is okay" I couldn't get over the fact that Jun couldn't sing and Sho..couldn't either. Late March/Early April I was bored at home (don't remember exactly why but I think I'd gotten fired from a job) and so I started watching my first j-drama, HYD and quickly decided I wanted to know more about Jun and his band that sang the intro. I was totally a Sho fan at first, too! :Db
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We had pictures taken of Amelia in the hospital. She fussed through them but overall the end result was two really cute poses and some nice pictures for a not so bad price.

Because of this, I decided to take her to Sears today so we could get some family shots as well, and...oh my fucking god I'm pretty pissed off with the end result.

First off, I scheduled the appointment at 3. I didn't think to look at the studio's hours because why would I when I made an appointment? Seemed like a moot point. We got there about 2:30 because I hate being late and I wanted to get some time beforehand to get her ready, make sure her diaper was good and she wasn't hungry. Lady was eating and there was a sign up that said they were taking lunch from 2-3. We didn't want to interrupt her lunch so she told us we could fill out the paper work if we wanted and just give her a few minutes to finish eating. We told her not to worry about it and we'd go to the food court ourselves real quick and be back at 3. She was fine with this and so we didn't think anything of it, went and got food and were back by 3:05ish.

She looks surprised when we come back and says she was about to leave - they close at 3:15. Wait, what? I told her but we had a 3pm appointment, why would it let us make a 3 appointment when they closed that early? She said that 3 appointments have to be there early and in the room by 3 already started. I stated that there was nothing to that effect on the website. She then told us the one room wasn't working so we had to use the other one with the worse lighting. We said, fine, whatever. Get in there and the room wasn't working either.

It was at this point we realized she had the worst BO I've ever experienced. Like, no deoderant, ran five miles kind of stink. Seriously offending to the senses. Plus, it was scorching hot in the photo room. She got maitenance and they got the electricity fixed (there was a plug out) and we moved into the other room and started.

By this point, Amelia was pissed off. Hungry and had a dirty diaper. Because of how rushed the woman had seemed earlier I didn't want to delay it by changing her diaper or anything but eventually we had to give her a bottle (which is in a few of the pictures because she wouldn't stop screaming). I know that the pictures aren't going well but I'm just ready for it to be over already so I can make my baby happy.

We ended up giving up on trying to get a good one of all three of us and started just taking pictures of her - problem is, she decided to use this thing to sit her up and she hated it. I also really wish we'd used the white background instead of the butterflies because she was wearing black and white and the lady used a green sash thing to lay her on so it looked funky. Only a couple of those turned out any decent. :/

We finished and I booked it to change her diaper and at this point she'd had all of the bottle and was a much happier baby. Fuuuuck. We picked out a few of the pictures and the only reason we even bought them was the fact that we had 40% off and a free sitting fee. Otherwise I would have been piiiiisssed.

I'm already not going back there and going to JCPenny in Countryside Mall instead. Completely unimpressed (which is sad because the manager we talked to back when I was still pregnant was super nice and awesome and even offered me a job at the time for Christmas that I couldn't take) and I swear I can still smell the lady's B.O. *gags*

Roll Call

Dec. 26th, 2011 10:38 pm
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Anyone who has added me recently I've added back so if your LJ name is not the same as your DW name, please leave a comment here telling me who you are so I can keep track. Thanks!
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Yesterday my konad starter kit came and today my nfu oh #61 came! Of course, I had to play :3

Yay for Florida sun! It looks nice inside but it doesn't photograph well inside at all.

I ended up not getting the Aqua base because I was already paying close to $25 for this with shipping. I found recommendations for using Orly Bonder as a base instead and I'm fairly pleased with the results. This is definitely a polish you can't try to put on quick or you will have many an issue. This was 3 coats, no top. my ring finger is Sally Hansen LE Grape Escape with konad plate m2 stamped over it in Nfu Oh 61. I'm impressed with how well the holo works as a stamp!

My cuticles are horrible because I need to get my gels filled. Pls ignore. XD

Verdict: Well worth the price. I simply wish it was available at retail outlets. Let's see how long it lasts without chipping on my gels. :)
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As some of you know, I recently started working for HSN. I'd heard of Deborah Lippmann in my recent polish fetishes but I'd yet to actually ~experience~ her stuff. I've been poking around our site and came across this the other day but passed it by because really, Happy Birthday wasn't my favorite of her glitters and I really wanted Ruby Red Slippers.

Today we had a Town Hall Meeting at the actual HSN campus and afterward on my way home I stopped at the Outlet store (dangerous that it's on the way home). Lucky for me, they'd just started a 75% off beauty items sale now through Sunday! Add on top of that my employee discount, and I got the above set for $8.66!!!!! I'm still kind of in shock because that's less than half the price of the Happy Birthday ALONE!

SO! I tested it out and took some pictures from my color wheel. I just did a mani last night I don't want to redo yet, so I didn't want to try it on my own nails yet.

And it comes in an adorable travel case!

Read more... )

In the end, I'm so happy I found this and got such a great deal on AMAZING polish!
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I'm posting this to LJ mainly because I want to post multiple pictures and I don't want to mess up my tumblr with it. XD If you follow my tumblr, you'll notice I post mainly nail art. It seems redundant to post arashi stuff because most of the time OTHER people are doing plenty of it and I'd rather just lurk and look at shiny. SO, that being said I've been trying a lot of new nail art techniques. This is one that I thought would be a LOT harder than it actually is. I want to try it again with a few different colors (and a matte base) and possibly nfu oh's holos, but we'll see.

My starting lineup (I ended up not using two of these.)

Click me to see! )

And that's it! I can't wait to do it on all of my nails. Actually tempted to make a full set of tips for this as well, if anyone is interested in a press-on set. I've got tons of clear nails to use up. :)

Leaving this unlocked so I can link it to my tumblr. :)
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I'm still working on gathering supplies to send to Second Harvest, but I've also decided to set up a thread at [ profile] arashi_on. You can find it here.

If you have ever wanted fic, graphics or a layout from me, now is the time to request!

Also, if you have a thread, could you please link me to it here? I'm going to try and go through and donate to as many as possible come payday.
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I'm writing this know because lord knows I'll forget certain things and I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT. Of course I'm posting this a day late due to the lack of internet but whatever, need to get it down.


Today is Harajuku!
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I should have made this entry last night, except [ profile] shouwa and I putzed around Ikebukero and made Uchiwa (WHICH ARE HARDER THAN THEY LOOK GOD DAMNIT.) BUT! Mine is (mostly) done. Gonna try to grab more bling for it in Fukuoka today.



Second side DEFINITELY needs more bling. Definitely.

Flight was good, if tiring. I got extra leg room but I think in reality they should offer extra ASS room seats that are not First Class or business. I may be kinda fat, but I'm not WIDE. I couldn't even tuck my foot up under my knee, which is a kind of default sitting position for me, without a pillow to protect my knee from the side of the chair. I was next to a really nice Japanese lady and her 15 month old named Arisa. She's married to an American so she speaks to Arisa in solely Japanese while he talks to her in English. Arisa, aside from being wiggly, was very well behaved on the flight and ADORABLE. Oh god, she was so cute. Momma (I missed her name) complimented my Japanese when I was talking to Arisa and we had a discussion about why I was coming (she liked that my favorites were Nino and Ohno and saw I'd been rewatching HYD and said she really liked it).

I'm kind of not looking forward to another SIX HOURS of travel today, but luckily it's on a shinkansen, which, compared to a trans-pacific flight is the lap of pure luxury. Speaking of, I need to go make myself presentable and truck my ass to Tokyo station so I can catch one.

I shipped my luggage to Fukuoka, but sadly I will not have it until tomorrow morning. NO MAKE UP FOR MEEEEEE. ;____;

I'm leaving these entries about Japan unlocked so I can link to my family, so be pleasant in the comments, please? :p

Day 1 Pictures (will keep updating this every day!)
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Alright, it's been a very long time since I've had a true public post. BUT, seeing as I've said fandom stuff will NOT be locked, only personal, here it goes!

In the past week I've gotten a chance to watch フリター、家を買う and the newest VS嵐 with the Freeter cast.

Spoilers behind the cuts!

フリター、家を買う Episode 01 )

VS嵐 - Freeter Episode )
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I think perhaps, in an effort to maintain continuity of the backup over at DW, I will be posting here and letting it cross-post to LJ from now on.

Fandom posts will be mostly-public, personal things will be f-only.


Roll Call

Oct. 21st, 2010 11:16 pm
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Comment here if you're from livejournal with either your name I know you by or your LJ name so I can associate.

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I'm not sure if it's adjusting to the new meds, frustration with things that are being a pain in the ass, or PMS, but I'm about two seconds from giving up on Arashi Fandom as a whole.

The new single has been announced. We....should not be surprised by this. In anyway. Nino has a drama, there will be a single. Um... Duh?

This makes single #6 for the year, and probably the last. They had 4 last year.

Artists like Koda Kumi and Ayumi Hamasaki FREQUENTLY release more than that in a year, plenty of artists do. Singles, while they look like they take a ton of work, don't reallly take much work for an artist if they're not the ones writing the music/lyrics.

In a recent interview, Nino mentioned about recording for the album during filming Ohoku. He'd have to record a song every day he was back. He ALSO had to record VSA, HNA and Shiyagare, plus promos and other things. And interviews. He had two days a week back.

It takes LESS than a day to record a song. You can record SEVERAL songs in a day, actually.

Jacket shootings, PVs? All done on the same sets as of late and again - take a day.

In perspective, this single should take them approximately um... well, 4 days to make. On the long end. Not even super long days. 10 hours, 12 tops. MAYBE 14-15 for the PV day.

Even then, during PV shootings, what do they do for the majority of them? Sit Around And BULLSHIT.

Yes, they work a lot. They also get PAID to do so. None of them are emaciated, sickly. Ohno had a cold and had to work through it. Big deal, do you know how many colds/flus/DEATHLY ILLNESSES us normal folks have to work through on a daily basis?

I love them. I want them happy and healthy. It KILLED me inside to see Nino on a cane, but he's still doing it right? If it was that bad, he'd be gone. It is not impossible to quit JE, plenty of people have done it.

These boys LOVE their jobs and that much is obvious. They're not being forced into anything they do.

For all you crusaders for justice, go worry about those normal schmucks who work 60+ hours a week and get paid peanuts for it.

ETA: I'm leaving this open because I want people to see it. Spread it, love it, pimp it I don't fucking care.


Sep. 20th, 2010 01:21 am
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(And keep an eye out for the October Contest! That'll be my baby. !!)
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Since creating [ profile] go_nin and beginning to upload the weekly shows as I find them, I've had a rash of friendings at this journal.

PLEASE DO NOT FRIEND THIS JOURNAL. This is my private, personal journal and I'm only adding people I know.

Adding this journal will do nothing but clutter up my profile and let you see the few unlocked entries I have, which are very few and far between. All of my uploads will be posted at [ profile] go_nin as well as my scans once I get them up there. Please join that community for ALL updates, not friend this journal.

Also, please do not MESSAGE me asking "where can I download so and so?". I work through clubbox and sources are very thin right now, so as soon as I find something, I download and then either convert if necessary or simply upload with credit for you guys. Thanks.

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drabble prompt requests!

I'm in a dryspell and I'm trying to rectify this. I have two works currently that I can't post simply because of anonymity purposes and this is driving me nuts.

SO! Pairing & Prompt, and I will give you 100 words. Fandoms I'm willing to write are Arashi, Merlin & Glee.

Go forth and prompt. I'll leave this unlocked and reply with your drabble in the comments, with a final consolidation of them up at [ profile] wemakestorm


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