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Yesterday my konad starter kit came and today my nfu oh #61 came! Of course, I had to play :3

Yay for Florida sun! It looks nice inside but it doesn't photograph well inside at all.

I ended up not getting the Aqua base because I was already paying close to $25 for this with shipping. I found recommendations for using Orly Bonder as a base instead and I'm fairly pleased with the results. This is definitely a polish you can't try to put on quick or you will have many an issue. This was 3 coats, no top. my ring finger is Sally Hansen LE Grape Escape with konad plate m2 stamped over it in Nfu Oh 61. I'm impressed with how well the holo works as a stamp!

My cuticles are horrible because I need to get my gels filled. Pls ignore. XD

Verdict: Well worth the price. I simply wish it was available at retail outlets. Let's see how long it lasts without chipping on my gels. :)
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