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We had pictures taken of Amelia in the hospital. She fussed through them but overall the end result was two really cute poses and some nice pictures for a not so bad price.

Because of this, I decided to take her to Sears today so we could get some family shots as well, and...oh my fucking god I'm pretty pissed off with the end result.

First off, I scheduled the appointment at 3. I didn't think to look at the studio's hours because why would I when I made an appointment? Seemed like a moot point. We got there about 2:30 because I hate being late and I wanted to get some time beforehand to get her ready, make sure her diaper was good and she wasn't hungry. Lady was eating and there was a sign up that said they were taking lunch from 2-3. We didn't want to interrupt her lunch so she told us we could fill out the paper work if we wanted and just give her a few minutes to finish eating. We told her not to worry about it and we'd go to the food court ourselves real quick and be back at 3. She was fine with this and so we didn't think anything of it, went and got food and were back by 3:05ish.

She looks surprised when we come back and says she was about to leave - they close at 3:15. Wait, what? I told her but we had a 3pm appointment, why would it let us make a 3 appointment when they closed that early? She said that 3 appointments have to be there early and in the room by 3 already started. I stated that there was nothing to that effect on the website. She then told us the one room wasn't working so we had to use the other one with the worse lighting. We said, fine, whatever. Get in there and the room wasn't working either.

It was at this point we realized she had the worst BO I've ever experienced. Like, no deoderant, ran five miles kind of stink. Seriously offending to the senses. Plus, it was scorching hot in the photo room. She got maitenance and they got the electricity fixed (there was a plug out) and we moved into the other room and started.

By this point, Amelia was pissed off. Hungry and had a dirty diaper. Because of how rushed the woman had seemed earlier I didn't want to delay it by changing her diaper or anything but eventually we had to give her a bottle (which is in a few of the pictures because she wouldn't stop screaming). I know that the pictures aren't going well but I'm just ready for it to be over already so I can make my baby happy.

We ended up giving up on trying to get a good one of all three of us and started just taking pictures of her - problem is, she decided to use this thing to sit her up and she hated it. I also really wish we'd used the white background instead of the butterflies because she was wearing black and white and the lady used a green sash thing to lay her on so it looked funky. Only a couple of those turned out any decent. :/

We finished and I booked it to change her diaper and at this point she'd had all of the bottle and was a much happier baby. Fuuuuck. We picked out a few of the pictures and the only reason we even bought them was the fact that we had 40% off and a free sitting fee. Otherwise I would have been piiiiisssed.

I'm already not going back there and going to JCPenny in Countryside Mall instead. Completely unimpressed (which is sad because the manager we talked to back when I was still pregnant was super nice and awesome and even offered me a job at the time for Christmas that I couldn't take) and I swear I can still smell the lady's B.O. *gags*


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