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Before I do the meme, I want to put out feelers of interest for a twitter rp. I've done one before and it was pretty fun and I would love to do another for Arashi. Message me here or IM me on aim at mecchadame if you're interested so we can work out the logistics. :)

On to the Meme! Btw, the lie from yesterday was that I was a Sho-fan first. Nope, completely and utterly Jun-baited.

Day 1: Tell the story of how you came to be a fan of Arashi. Include one lie in your story and see if people can guess which part is the lie.

Day 2: Talk about a friend (or friends) you have made because of Arashi.

Day 3: You are stranded on a deserted island with Arashi. Who gets eaten first and why?

Day 4: Your favorite and least favorite pairings and why. This does not have to be limited to slash!

Day 5: A prank you think you could pull off on Nino.

Day 6: You have the opportunity to give each of the members a birthday present. What do you get them?

Day 7: A song you'd like Arashi (and/or a specific member) to cover.

Day 8: You can take one Arashi member with you on a trip around the world. Who do you take, where do you go, and why?

Day 9: Talk about a great fandom experiece or Arashi related experience that you have had.

Day 10: A song you want to see Ohno choreograph and/or dance to and why.

Day 11: Your all time favorite Arashi variety show, your all time least favorite, and why.

Day 12: Your ideal concert set list.

Day 13: A character (or type of character) you would like to see each member play in a drama/movie.

Day 14: Your favorite ridiculous costume.

Day 15: Free for all fanspam day!! Some of your favorite fanworks (graphics, art, fics, fanvids).

Day 16: Someone you'd like Sho to interview for News Zero.

Day 17: If each member had super powers, what would they be. Bonus points for superhero names.

Day 18: An aspect of being an Arashi fan that you enjoy (compared with your other previous/current fandoms).

Day 19: Something that you wish for or wish you could change in Arashi fandom (compared with your other previous/current fandoms).

Day 20: An experiment you want Aiba to perform.

Day 21: Your favorite and least favorite solos by each member.

Day 22: Concert goods you'd like to be made.

Day 23: If each member were an animal, what would they be?

Day 24: Something about Arashi that has special meaning to you (a song, a moment, an event, something general, etc.).

Day 25: A non-Arashi concert you would like Jun to plan the staging for.

Day 26: Make a fandom mashup! If Arashi were in your other fandom, what roles would they have? (Examples: Sailor Moon/Arashi: What senshi would each member be? Star Trek/Arashi: Who would be captain/doctor/engineer/etc? Harry Potter/Arashi: What house would each member be in?)

Day 27: Oops, Aiba messed up an experiment and turned everyone into women for a week. How does each member spend the time?

Day 28: An artist you'd like to see Arashi (or a specific member) collaborate with.

Day 29: You have a time machine. What moment in Arashi history do you go back to witness in person?

Day 30: Free for all photospam day!! Some of your favorite Arashi pictures and/or gifs.

Day 2: Talk about a friend (or friends) you have made because of Arashi.
Oh, wow. Yeah. Let's see, where should I start? [personal profile] honooko, who I was actually afraid to friend at first and vice versa. Thanks to Jemzy for that (and Jemz!! :D), considering she was my maid of Honor! I have made a ton of friends online through Arashi that I've met in person: Erin, Elle, Kaille, Katie, Katy, Kacey, etc. I'm not a very social person to begin with, so it's great to have that common interest as a starting point. :)
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