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I'm posting this to LJ mainly because I want to post multiple pictures and I don't want to mess up my tumblr with it. XD If you follow my tumblr, you'll notice I post mainly nail art. It seems redundant to post arashi stuff because most of the time OTHER people are doing plenty of it and I'd rather just lurk and look at shiny. SO, that being said I've been trying a lot of new nail art techniques. This is one that I thought would be a LOT harder than it actually is. I want to try it again with a few different colors (and a matte base) and possibly nfu oh's holos, but we'll see.

My starting lineup (I ended up not using two of these.)

I started with the black base. I ended up only doing one coat as I put it on fairly thick and it covered the wheel well.

I then applied a light, light blue. For this I used Sephora by OPI Havana Dreams.

Over that I went with China Glaze For Audrey for a greener effect.

Next came Sinful Colors Dream On, which is a bright purple matte (I was surprised the first test of it to find it was matte). I also used some Sally Hansen HD DVD and Pure Ice Heartbreaker here for shimmer and effect.

Then I went for the gold/yellow. Sephora by OPI and Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Mellow Yellow really started to turn it around!

A bit of pink (Sinful Colors Pink Forever) to round it out and a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust for sparkle and then I was ready for the stars! I should have used less larger ones but I was dot happy. Next time I'll toothpick the smaller ones on. I did a bit of touch up with the black to round it out more before the stars, though.

Finally, the finished product! I was a little meh about it until I put the top coat on and OH MY GOD now I love it. XD I think this is the mani I'm going to wear to impress the girls at the shop when I go to get my toes done this week. :3

And that's it! I can't wait to do it on all of my nails. Actually tempted to make a full set of tips for this as well, if anyone is interested in a press-on set. I've got tons of clear nails to use up. :)

Leaving this unlocked so I can link it to my tumblr. :)
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